I love James M. Cain and I mostly like this version of the film, mainly because of Garfield. I like Turner, too, in this. She’s not one of my favorites, certainly not the shiniest penny in the pile, off screen a predatory type who had no qualms about bedding married guys. I think it’s that mewing baby-voice of hers. You just want to stuff a burger in her mouth and tell her to shut her hole. Her hotness had a relatively short shelf life; around 1948, it seemed to evaporate and she just looked like a better-dressed variation of Lunch Room Lady #3.

One thing about the Cain novel. It struck me as funny in this (and in at least one other story) that Cain had an aversion to men in smocks. To the character of Cora, there is no worse thought on earth than the idea of any guy of hers ever wearing a smock to work. In the film, when Garfield’s character goes to work at Nick and Cora’s gassing and doing mechanic work — he’s wearing a smock.