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“They didn’t waste any time at all with me. Oh, hell, when I was carrying my daughter, I was doing one picture and they had me squashed into a girdle and I thought I was gonna die. I passed out a couple of times from it. But that was me. I didn’t fuss about anything, and I don’t know why. I think there were times when I probably should have. But I don’t think I was mistreated. I wouldn’t have worked all that time feeling mistreated. It didn’t bother me, it was all part of working . . . no matter what was wrong, broken bones or whatever, you always worked, that’s been true all my life. I think only once did I run away and not start a picture on time, and that was one year in the ’30s when I did eight pictures, if I’m not mistaken. I was so exhausted that I got in my car and I drove up above, oh, some old inn up above Santa Barbara, and I just got in bed. I took a bath, got in bed and slept about four days. I was starting to stutter and my eyes were blinking so that I couldn’t even look at anyone steadily. That’s how exhausted I was. But I slept my four days, then came back and they docked me for it. Took part of my salary away, but I had to do it.”


(0) 1932 blondell black 2 BLOG